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Offering Support Groups, Mentoring Circles & Educational Mental Health Workshops for Latinx and BIPOC folx anywhere in the world. Most events offer  sliding scale (coupons reflect the options) per event/group. We ask that you honor the rate that you can genuinely afford & use the coupon that reflects that, if needed. Each event page describes more details of the group.
None of the workshops are psychotherapy or therapy process groups. They are non-clinical groups for educational and skill-building purposes.
There are no refunds for the events once registered.

Communication Skills Workshop

A 90 minute interactive workshop teaching you 3 assertive communication strategies.

Anxiety 101 Skills Workshop

An educational workshop of coping skills teaching you ways to decrease anxiety.

Parentified Adults Support Group

Begin to heal your inner child in this interactive, monthly group.

Emotionally Abused Latinx Adults  

A group for adults experiencing emotional abuse by their parents/caregivers.
Co-facilitators: Marisol Perez, MSW & Adriana Alejandre, MA

Coping Skills for Mamas

An education-skills based group to teach mamas who have been impacted by the pandemic coping skills.
Facilitated by Paulina Chavez Medina, MA

Together in Estrangement

A group dedicated to helping Latinx folx experiencing family estrangement.
Facilitated by Violetta Fernandez, LCSW