For Beginners

This 3-part series is for Black, Brown and Indigenous individuals seeking guidance as to what is needed to become a speaker. This series focuses on branding yourself and holding you accountable on creating the necessary decks to advertise yourself. A 9-page checklist/e-book will be provided. 

Adriana Alejandre, recognized speaker and founder of Latinx Therapy, will personally guide individuals within each group on how to market your strengths.  

Individuals should expect homework that should be brought in at the next meeting in order to advance the skills and branding kit. 
First Meeting:
🌱 Introductions & Limiting Beliefs  
🌱 Speaker Sheet
🌱 Introduction to Signature Talks*

Second Meeting:
🌱 Types of Speaking Engagements
🌱 Setting Rates 
🌱 Technology that can help you become a better speaker (in document)

Third Meeting:
🌱 Organizing Presentations 
🌱 How to navigate consultation calls 
🌱 Advertising & Pitching Yourself
Must be available to commit on all these dates:
1. Thursday, July 13
2. Thursday, July 27
3. Thursday, August 10

Time (1 hour and 20 mins): 11am-12:20PST 


Cost: $280 Total
Payment plan can be available, please email to request a payment plan.

Cancellations/Refunds: No refunds. 

Credit Transfer: If you can't attend, please reschedule with 48 hours notice from the first meeting for credit to be transferred to another month's group (must be the same group or of equal value). Latinx Therapy does not guarantee that there will be space at another session. 

Creating Signature Talks & Practicing (Group)

2-Hour Consultation with Adriana Alejandre, LMFT & Speaker to help individuals create their FIRST signature talks. We will discuss outlines and practice 5-minutes of speaking within a group of 3 people. 
Gentle constructive feedback will be provided about verbal and non-verbal delivery. 

Limited to 3 people only.
Refund Policy: No refunds.