Next Course is on August 14, 2021 from 9am-1pm (PST)

This workshop is for BIPOC wellness professionals who would like to launch a private pay practice that affirms culture & social justice in policies within our practices. The price is per person. 
This class is only for individuals who are NOT in private practice already. If you are in a group practice and want to open/start your own practice, this class if for you. Associates are welcomed.
 Note: Legal aspects of each profession will be your responsibility to do research on. 

Video participation is expected during the first part of the workshop for introductions and Website writing portion of the workshop. There may be other few moments when Adriana will request for video to come on. 

August 14, 2021 9:00AM-1:00PM PST (Check your time zone please) We will have a 15 minute break, and a 30 minute break for lunch. (Lunch is not provided).

This workshop is $245. The price is per person.  

 Payment plans are available, please contact to set it up. Payment Plans are customizable but usually 50% now, and the final 50% due the day before the workshop.

Strategizing Your Specialties
Legal Administrative Necessities
Opening a Bank Account & Tax Expectations  
Rate Tiers & Sliding Scales  
Managing Intake Calls
Location Lease Types & Safety  
Branding: Websites*, Logos Marketing: Social Media, Campaigns, Referrals
Private Practice Services for Streamlining
Final Q & A  
* = website writing workshop

Associates are welcomed. It is recommended that associates that are close to licensure (almost done with hours or have submitted hours) attend. The content is focused for licensed clinicians.

No. This course is NOT for group practice start-up. This course is for launching a solo private practice.

Yes, the content is generalized for professionals in all states (US based). If you are concerned and have specific questions, please email me at before enrolling.

There are no refunds for this workshop.

Unforturnately, I do not have knowledge or experience in this. You will learn  how to market yourself and launch a private pay practice. 

Adriana is a Speaker, Social Entrepreneur and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been in private practice since her internship days in 2016. She got licensed in 2017 and began teaching other clinicians this year how to launch their own private practice. Adriana has worked on her marketing and connection with the community and has not been credentialed on insurance panels. She has had a private pay practice up until 2020. At this point, she expanded into a group practice, one in which she is still learning how to organize, manage, and grow. Once she feels successful at this, she will launch a course. To learn more about Adriana's practice, visit, and to learn about Adriana's organization, Latinx Therapy please visit this site.
Adriana Alejandre is Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in CA #98925